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Profibus components and displays

Digital display systems and assembly group with Profibus DP interface

Numeric and alphanumeric digital displays and LED bargraph displays with Profibus DP interface with a character height of 8 – 500 mm provide solutions for multiple task in the area of Profibus. Whether it being a panel mount system or multiple lines digital display panel for greater distances, we have a large program available.

Products with Profibus

  • Robust desired value potential indicator
  • Compact desired value potential indicator for connecting the counter assembly group
  • 8 Channel counter system for gathering impulse and counter reading information
  • Small digital and bargraph displays
  • Customer specific large displays
  • Single and multiple line text displays

Profibus products

Along side an extensive product range of digital displays for connecting on the Profibus DP are special assembly groups in the product line. It consist of counter assembly groups for counting impulse and gathering up to 8 channels with standard counting transfer on the Profibus DP. The generation of counting impulses occur over a compact 2 channel potential indicator in a closed aluminum housing, which with its robust characteristics is well manufactured for industrial areas.

In addition is a 1 channel potential counter meter for direct connection to the Profibus DP available, which is also in an aluminum housing with a large adjustment knob.

Areas of application and examples of usage

The different units with Profibus interface are especially used in these industrial areas:

  • Extrusion plant manufacturing
  • impregnation plant manufacturing
  • Scale/weighing technology
  • Control center plants
  • And much more...


Profibus DP interface potential meter
EBG-05 Encoder assembly group with Profibus DP interface, aluminium housing, 98 x 64 x 34 mm, 9 pin sub D connection, address selection possible with adjustment knob
Profibus DP counter impulse acquisition add/subtraction
ZBG-01 Counter assembly group (add/subtract), up to 8 counter inputs for encoder assembly groups, output Profibus DP, housing for top-hat rail assembly
Profibus LED Digital Display housing
DSA13 Small digital display, character height 14mm, red LED display, 5 digits, Profibus DP interface, 4 buttons front panel, panel mount housing 96 x 48 mm
Profibus LED Digital Display with housing
DSA13 Small digital display, character height 14mm, red LED display, 5 digits, Profibus DP interface, desk housing 115 x 175 x 55mm
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