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LED displays (panel mount displays) - Series DA08…DA40

Digital display systems for panel display, LED display, digital panel mount measuring device, small display, panel meter and measurement reading display are available from the manufacture.

The small digital display, panel mounted measuring device and panel meter of the product group DA08, DA10, DA13, DA20, DA25 and DA40 contain a high quality program series of robust and compact micro controlled supported digital displays and measuring devices. Special low–cost versions and varied measuring displays complete an extensive range in this product segment.

Product highlights

  • Character height 8 mm, 10 mm, 14 mm, 20 mm, 38 mm
  • LED displays red, green and depending on the product group yellow, white and blue
  • All common controllers and measuring inputs have programmable input sectors and interface parameters with ultimate flexibility
  • Panel mount switch board casings 48 x 24 mm till 192 x 72 mm with minimal depth
  • Customer specific modification and special applications
  • Direct from manufacturer with own development department

Controller and interfaces

The digital display systems for framed displays are available in a wide variety of interfaces:

  • Profibus DP, Modbus, Can – Bus/ Can Open
  • Analog (2/10/40/200 VDC, 20/200 mADC, 60/125/150/300 mVDC, 0,1/1 mADC, 2/100/250/500/ VAC; 3/6 AAC)
  • Serial (RS232,RS485,RS422)
  • BCD parallel or multiplex
  • Current loop interfaces 20mA/TTY
  • Unit counter, totals counter or operating hours counter
  • DFC77 – and GPS for time signal
  • Pt100 temperature measurement
  • Frequency and revolutions per min. measurement


A simple, user friendly programming of the operating parameters for each digital display allows a trouble free adoption of the display system and panel mount measuring system to the customer specific application. The many possibilities to modify the settings of each display is easy to use due to the menu-driven parameterization, without having to use a special software. We are the manufacturer and supplier of digital displays with many years of experience this allows us to be extremely flexible and efficient during initial operations.

Housing systems and power supplies

All framed displays of this product group are in robust, plastic framed enclosures. Displays are front mounted in a common housing measuring from 48 x 24 mm, 72 x24 mm, 96 x24 mm and 96 x48 mm up till 192 x 96 mm. From the common sizes 48 x 48 mm, 72 x 72 mm, 96 x 96 mm and 144 x 144 mm, square frames are available.

The power supply of all measuring displays with analog inputs, digital panel measure instruments and panel meters are separate from the measuring input switches.

Display technology

Digital displays seen for board installation are standard as numeric or text/numeric LED displays. Also available are transflective and electro mechanic bistable displays. The extremely bright LED display guaranties crisp text, even under direct sunlight on the display. As an alternative to production hall variations which are usually red in color, displays are also available in green, yellow, white and blue with short delivery times.

Areas of application and examples of usage

The wide range delivery program of this product group are as follows:

  • Process data displays in control rooms, mosaic rooms in modern power plants and sewage treatment plants
  • Remote display in the scale/weighing technics
  • Electrical failure alarm in the industrial production process
  • Status information in the container, apparatus and tank construction
  • Temperature and tact meter in the extrusion machine
  • And much more…

Digital displays with character heights for further distances you can find under production of large digital displays.

LED Panel mount display from manufacturer
Product group DA08 – DA40 LED panel mount displays for a display board
LED 4 partition display from manufacturer
DSA20 4 partition display, LED red 20mm,  Controller 24 V BCD active low, panel mount display housing
LED Display direct from manufacturer
DSA13 5 digit small LED Display red 14 mm,  CAN bus – Interface with 4 buttons, panel mount display housing
LED Display and Panel mount display from manufacturer
DA20 Digital display 4 digit, character height 20 mm LED red, serial interface RS232, RS422 and RS485, in a panel mount display housing 144 x 48mm
Digital display for temperature measurement
DSA13 3 partition - digital display for temperature measurement, character height 14mm, LED Display red, 3-1/2 digits, panel mount housing 96 x 96 mm
LED display with panel mount housing
DA12 Digital panel meter 72 x 24 mm,  character height 14 mm, LED display red 4 digit, input 0/4 – 20mA and 0 – 10V, panel mount housing 72 x 24 mm
Digital LED display panel mount
DA55 Digital large display, character height 57 mm, LED display yellow, 2 counter inputs for add/ subtraction, with transmitter, panel mount display housing 240 x 96mm
LED Panel mount display - green
DSA75 Large digital display, character height 76 mm, LED display green, analog controller 0/4-20 mA, in a panel mount display housing
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