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Debt and assets clocks

Digital displays for debt and assets increase, debt clocks, assets clocks as individual displays direct from manufacturer

A debt clock serves as a public information indication for actual debt of a state, county or town.

The most well known German debt clock is to be found at the central government tax building in Berlin and the city hall in Langenfeld (Rheinland). Both systems were here in GS Industrie-Elektronik GmbH developed and manufactured. As manufacturer from debt clocks for many years we have the experience to help you find the individual system of your needs.

Interfaces and programming

The transfer of information to a debt display is possible over a variation of serial interfaces or Ethernet TCP/IP. Adjusting is possible over a laptop with a user friendly configuration software for simple parameterization. The accompanying software clearly shows the user the operating parameters of the large display, which allows fast and easy operation.

Areas of application and examples of usage

Debt clocks from GS Industrie-Electronik GmbH can display a variation of key figures:

  • Accumulated debt
  • Display assets
  • Change per time unit
  • Debt according to pop.
  • Multiple display for state, county and town
  • Please inquire for further information

Display technology

The debt and assets clocks have brilliantly bright displays that give ultimate reading capabilities even in direct sunlight. The clocks are available in different LED colors and display variations.

Housing system

All debt and assets displays are in robust, steel or aluminum wall mounted housing.

Debt clock federation of tax payers
Debt clock for federation of tax payers
Debt clock LCD Display Manufacturer GS GmbH
DM80 Large LCD display as debt clock, LCD display transflectiv yellow, 4 lines alphanumeric, 80 mm character height with background light, serial controller RS232, sheet metal housing 1250 x 800 mm
Debt clock with LCD display
DSA100 Large LCD display – debt clock, LCD display transflectiv red, character height 100 mm with background light, serial controller RS232, sheet metal housing 1250 x 600 mm, location Bremen
Assets clock LED digital display
DM30 Large LED display system used as an assets clock, character height 30 mm, LED display red, serial controller RS232, sheet metal housing 700 x 400mm
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