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Individual digital display systems

Digital display panels, display tableaus, LED large displays, andon boards and digital measurement displays

A wide range and technologically trend-setting manufacturing program of standard products is the basis for fast, low cost and customer specific products that meet the needs of our clients. Our well engineered technical product series allow simple technical modifications of varied applications of the many demands of the industrial field. Our clients benefit not only from our years experience but also from our customizations.

Product highlights

  • Varied display technology such as LED standard, LCD transflective/reflective, LED extremely bright displays for outdoor use in direct sunlight, electromagnetic bistable and light reflecting numeric displays
  • Character heights from 8 - 580 mm
  • Panel mounted frames or wall mounted systems with aluminum, sheet metal or stainless steel
  • Reading distance 2 – 250 m
  • Varied serial controllers, bus and analog interfaces

Controller and interfaces

The digital displays can be controlled by a large spectrum of different interfaces and bus systems:

  • Analog (2/10/40/200 VDC, 20/200 mADC
  • Serial (RS232, RS485, RS422)
  • Profibus DP, Modbus, CAN-BUS
  • BCD Parallel or Multiplex
  • Current loop interfaces 20 mA/TTY
  • Unit counter, sum counter or operating hours counter
  • Clocks with DFC77 – and GPS – receiver for time signals
  • Pt100 Sensor for measuring temperature
  • Frequency and rotation speed sensors
  • Internally developed controller software

Display technology

Digital displays make it possible to read numbers and text from greater distances (15 m up to 600 m). Depending on the area of application such displays are used:

  • 7 segment numeric display
  • Dot matrix display
  • LED displays
  • LCD displays
  • Electromagnetic digit elements
  • Extra bright LED displays

The extremely bright LED display improves the capability to read the display even during periods of direct sunlight. Super bright LED have the capability to change brightness automatically which allows the display to be read regardless of present light conditions.

The high-contrast LED display with character heights of 57mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm and up to 600mm depending on the product group are available in different colors. As an alternative to the widely used red color, displays are also available in green, yellow, white or blue, with short delivery availability.

Housing system and power supply

All information system of this product group are in closed robust, aluminum housing, for front plate mounting, in a stable sheet metal, wall mounting frame or aluminum wall mounted frame. The housing system of the large scale production are powder coated RAL9005. Other colors and/or housing systems are available for special customer requirements.

The power supply of all electronic digital displays are transferred isolated from the input signal switch.

Areas and example of application

The versatility of our digital display systems are especially used in the following areas:

  • Temperature displays for iron and steel mills
  • Increment staging displays in control rooms
  • Motivation displays in product areas
  • Andon boards
  • Truck loading info for logistics
  • Environmental displays in weather stations and on solar controlled systems
  • Data measuring displays for wind energy
  • Outdoor clocks and remote clocks for indoor or outdoor displays
  • And much more...

Display board – Automobile industry Digital display Opel
DSA300 Digital display board, character height 300mm/200mm, LED display green/yellow, controller WLAN-TCP/IP, sheet metal housing wall mounted 2100 x 1200 mm, informations display for the logistics in the automobile industry
Digital diplay for wind park/solar plant
DSA100 Digital display board with multiple lines with 100 mm character heigh, red LED display (super bright), controller ethernet TCP/IP
Large LCD temperature display
DM150 Large LCD display board, 2 digits, 170 mm character height, LCD display transflective yellow with background light, input analog controller 0/4-20mA DC, sheet metal housing 700 x 600 mm
LED display rudder postion indicator
DSBA Analog/digital panel mount display for rudder postion indicator, LED display red, 18 segments, circle form with 3 digit LED display (centered), input 4-20mADC, panel mount housing 96x96mm
Digital display with  Large characters for solar energy
DSA100 Large character display, LCD display transflectiv yellow with background light, character height 100 mm, serial controller RS232C, sheet metal housing 1300 x 1000 mm
Motivation display system LED
DSA100 Large digital display, character height 100 mm,red LED display with 3 lines, input counter, tact indicator, serial RS4853, sheet metal housing 1500 x 750 mm, motivation display system for the automobile industry
Trend display and andon board
DSA100 Trend display / andon board, character height 100 mm, 7 lines with multi colour status panel, ethernet TCP/IP, sheet metal housing 1800 x 1500mm
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