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GS Industrie-Elektronik GmbH - About us

Manufacturer of digital displays and information systems

We the manufacturer of digital displays and information systems, would like to introduce ourselves as competent partner. Together with a wide range of large lot products, we are also specialized in customized system for the special needs of our clients, including applications developed for individual systems such as smaller orders.

Product portfolio and technology

We have developed varied display technology; for instance our ultra bright LED segment for excellent reading capabilities even in direct sunlight, standard LED chips for indoor use, as well as varied color possibilities, transflective LCD displays or light reflecting digits, which allow us to employ our products in various industrial environments.

An extensive standard product range with character heights from 8 mm to 580 mm for reading distances up to 240 m, with all of today’s commonly used interfaces: Profibus, Ethernet TCP/IP, analog standard signal, serial interfaces, BCD input, grey code counter, digital clocks or Can-Open, successfully meeting the demands in the field of industrial automation.

Individual development and production

Our hard and software development as well as production capacity, guarantees our clients planning and punctual delivery assurance, as well as assured low cost even with special modification, customer specific products and small series orders.

Years of experience

For more than 17 years we continue to satisfy our ever growing clientele, by thoroughly considering the needs and meeting the many task in the fields of industrial automation.

Digital LED and LCD displays by GS-GmbH
Manufacturer of digital displays
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